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General Questions about the 7029 Webform


May I switch to this Webform 7029 reporting method completely?

Yes. The 7029 Webform is designed to completely replace paper and PDF forms for members with personal computers. You may start using it today.

May I use one form for several months?

Sure! Just clear the dates with the handy icon and use each input row however you like, typing in dates as you see fit.

May I submit one form each month?

Of course! The form conveniently has 31 rows, and you can use the "Date Arrows" to magically fill in successive dates for each row. But only if you want. Organize your form however you want.

Do I have to fill out the form all at once?

No, that's one of the beauties of the system. You may access your ACTIVE forms (you may have more than one) as often as you wish, and enter in as much or as little data as you wish, and then come back another day. Just be sure to SAVE the form, using the SAVE button at the bottom, or your new entries will disappear.

How does my IS officer get my report?

When you click the "SUBMIT" button, the entire form is emailed to the IS officer.

My IS officer refuses to accept emailed activity reports.

The Chief Information Officer of the Auxiliary has mandated that all IS officers are to accept the emailed 7029 Webform if that is a member's chosen means of reporting.

Can I resubmit a form once I have submitted it?

Yes, but you may not make any changes. The resubmit feature exists in case the IS officer lost (or never received) the emailed report.

Can I label my form with some type of description?

Yes. You may enter a description of the form, and an optional log number. We encourage you to use both these fields, because the information shows up in your list of ACTIVE or SUBMITTED forms in your personal 7029 "Dashboard", helping you to tell several forms apart.

I still use Internet Explorer 6. Can I use this system?

No. Webforms has been designed for modern browsers, such as Internet Explorer (IE)7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Please upgrade. Firefox (www.firefox.com) is your best choice, and it's free.

I hear this is a "Beta Test". What does that mean?

It simply means that we are allowing you to use the new system while we are still improving it. In fact, you may provide us feedback on your experience, and we will take your feedback seriously. But above all, use the system!

Will there be other Webforms in the future, like the 7030?

This system is the "proof of concept". If you don't use it (whether your fault our ours), you won't see other Webforms. If it proves truly popular, you will.

What are other people saying?

Over 20,000 7029 Webforms have been generated by members to date (1 March 2011), and nearly 1 in 6 users have taken the time to send feedback. 99% of the feedback is positive, 1% negative (and we made major improvements based upon that feedback). Typical comment is, "I love this system."